SANAS Certification / Accreditation:


Does Soillab have SANAS Accreditation?

Both Soillab Pretoria and Soillab Western Cape are SANAS accredited.


What is SANAS Accreditation?

An institution called the South African National Accreditation System accredits laboratories in South Africa. The institution accredits laboratories to the International Standard, ISO 17025. Soillab is thus accredited on ISO 17025.


What does it mean to be ISO 17025 accredited?

This International Standard is for use by laboratories in developing their management system for quality, administrative and technical operations. Laboratory customers, regulatory authorities and accreditation bodies may also use it in confirming or recognizing the competence of laboratories.”


What about ISO 9001 accreditation?

Complying with both ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 will result in unnecessary duplication.


If testing laboratories comply with the requirements of this International Standard,” (ISO 17025) “they will operate a quality management system for their testing and calibration activities that also meets the principles of ISO 9001.” See ISO 17025 for a cross-reference list between both standards.


In conclusion, complying with ISO 17025 results in automatically complying ISO 9001. But the reverse is not true since ISO 17025 overs issues not addressed in ISO 9001.

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