Asphalt & Bitumen


Soillab offers the full range of asphalt testing and also offers performance testing facilities such as the Soillab wheel tracking device as well as the Gyratory compaction devices. Soillab also extensively test bitumen binders including the full range of tests after and before aging of the binders as well as tests on recovered binder and can be regarded as a leader in the field of asphalt and bitumen testing.



The Hamburg Wheel Tracking Device measures the rutting
and moisture susceptibility of an asphalt mix using either laboratory compacted briquettes by marshall, gyratory method, using cores taken from a completed asphalt surfacing or laboratory compacted slabs by rolling a steel wheel across the surface which is immersed in hot water.


Susceptibilities to rutting and moisture are based on pass/fail criteria of the resultant depth. It provides a measure of durability as well as resistance to rutting.






Soillab recently acquired a state of the art
Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR).

The DSR is used to characterize the viscous and elastic behaviour
of asphalt binders at medium to high temperatures.

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